Various forms of software are being used by groups developing Management Strategy Evaluation (MSE) applications. These code, packages in R and libraries in languages such as C++ for the conditioning of Operating Models (OMs), running simulations, building Management Procedures (MPs) and presenting results and summary statistics.

In some cases existing stock assessment methods, such as Multifan-CL and Stock Synthesis, are being used to construct OMs conditioned on stock assessment data sets and to develop Management Procedures (MPs), e.g. ASPIC.

Much of the software is available from github repositories or in the case of R packages from CRAN.

Contributions and updates are welcome and encouraged. The source file for this page is in a GitHub repository so that pull requests are also possible.



The MSE process was fully completed in costume-made software programmed in ADMB which include the operating model (for assessments), projections, and management procedures. The source code and R-package for evaluating outputs is maintained through a private (available to members) git repository. The main link for the commission for reports etc can be found at


SS3 is being used as a platform to generated operating models conditioned on stock assessment data sets. The procedure is described in details in Maunder (2014) in an application for Pacific bluefin tuna.


A variety of R packages are being used to develop MSEs for a number of stocks Albacore MSE


Two MSEs are being conducted for albacore and skipjack, see the IOTC Working Party on Methods Working Group Report For albacore SS is being used for the conditioning of the OM and FLR for running the MSE, see for the skipjack MSE.


Multifan-CL is being used to run simulations of HCRs and R4MFCL, a package in R is being used to summarise results


A variety of tools are being used and git is being used for version control and code repositories, see
git these include

Interactive tools for use by stakeholders

Links to Software for conducting MSE

High power computing CPU & GPU and using makefiles for spawning parallel jobs


There are numerous R packages being used for developing MSE. These are available from the comprehensive R Archive Network (CRAN) or other repositories.



Generic MSE software

Shiny Apps

*Some examples of apps summarising MSE results

Tool to explore HCRs for a tuna like species Atlantic bluefin tuna prototype